The Mor Zohar swimwear brand stands recognized as a unique swimwear brand with high-quality products. each swimwear is created uniquely to fit YOUR BODY using a guide that matches our swimwear designs with a variety of different body structures.


The Mor Zohar swimwear collection is a product of my creative designs and style which I originally started to produce from my paintings. my swimwear products are guaranteed to give the wearers comfort and so much freedom of expression.


All of my product designs are developed from scratch, with the patterns self-drawn and then printed on the fabric. I ensure to use eco-friendly fabrics which will remain intact upon contact with water.


I cater for all sizes (s to XXL) and body types for utmost comfort. For each design, I do not create more than 50 pieces to maintain their uniqueness.

Meet the Designer:

My name is Mor Zohar and I am the proud brain behind the Mor Zohar swimwear brand which, I started during my college studies.

Let me share a few insights into how this incredible journey started.

I was born into a fashion loving family with several designers as siblings, this fuelled my love for fashion and design from an early age and my exposure to the industry. I grew up in a city with abundant beaches, where I spent most of my weekends while growing up. All of these shaped my decision to eventually enroll and graduate as a Shenkar (college graduate) in one of the most prestigious fashion schools.

I hope you like my collection, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to text me

Mor Zohar.

The Mor Zohar swimwear brand stands recognized as a unique swimwear brand with high quality products. Each swimwear is created uniquely to fit the YOUR BODY using high quality fabrics sewing,and prints techniques.